Online IELTS

You get instant access to the complete online course with lessons, presentation videos and practice exercise on each and every aspect of the IELTS examination. You get instant access to the complete online course with lesson, presentation video and practice exercise on every aspect of the IELTS examination. You may opt between the academic module or the general training module so you can study what you need for the test.

The writing lessons cover Task 1 and Task 2, beginning from the basic of comprehending the question and recognizing the focus and keywords and making a plan through to writing a nice introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The usual errors are recognized so you can know what to include and what to avoid to enhance your score. There are more than 80 model answers in the writing course and sample answers of various levels.

In Task 2, two of the major aspects which you will be tested on are your use of a range of linking words and your ability to use a wide range of grammar, relative clauses and participle clauses. All of this is covered in your course. The listening lessons cover every question type utilized in the IELTS test, exhibits you how you should approach those question types. The finest way is to use your time prior to the start of the recording and what to do in case you lose track of the listening. There are practice exercises in every lesson and at the end of the lesson tests and that means you will have a great deal of opportunities to enhance your skills.

There are multiple choice questions in the listening test and it is common to hear a reference to all the options available. The main trick is to differentiate between the right answer, an incomplete answer and a direct contrast. The speaking lessons will assist you in knowing exactly what you have to do to get a nice result from how to answer difficult questions and tips on providing extended answers.

The speaking lessons cover the common IELTS errors that the candidates make that may cost points and there are model answers for Part Two topic cards with audio narration so that you can practice your intonation and pronunciation. You need to make use of various levels of language in different parts of the speaking test. Part One has to be informal like a conversation between old friends. Part Three has to be more formal and should be like a job interview.

The reading lessons cover every question type you can anticipate in the IELTS test. There are tips and tricks about how to approach the test and enhance your reading speed and locate the answers fast. The course will exhibit your all the things you have to be aware to enhance your score. The lessons and end of lesson tests will have complete IELTS practice reading tests with feedback on your results.

15 complete practice tests

There are practice exercises in the lessons and complete IELTS sections in the end of the lesson tests. Your membership has 15 complete tests, that is 15 reading tests, 15 listening tests, 15 speaking tests and 15 writing tests. The reading and listening test have an instant band score convertor so you are aware what score to anticipate when you take your test. The writing and speaking tests have got model answers. Personalized writing evaluation is included with expand membership and master membership and this included personalized writing evaluation and speaking evaluation.

Full access to the complete core skills course

It is pivotal to study and prepare for the IELTS test. It is vital to keep in mind that you are being tested on your ability to communicate in English. The core skills course has been designed to assist you in improving your grammar. There are sections on all the tenses used in English and other vital aspects such as linking words, pronunciation, prepositions and advanced grammar. The core skills course is divided into six levels and these range from Beginner Level A1 to Advanced Level C2. Full access to the Essential vocabulary for IELTS course You may use a broad range of different language and this is important for a nice result. The essential vocabulary for IELTS course will help for sure. There is new content added on a regular basis and there are lessons and practice exercises which cover the IELTS related topics from health to society. The course has 10 varied levels of graded vocabulary from Level 1 to Level 10 with practice exercise to test your skills. eBook can be downloaded when you become a member and can provide you practice resource, model answers and complete tests that you may practice offline. eBook includes sections on 7 sections like reading, writing, speaking and listening, grammar, vocabulary and practice tests. The eBook and the course are updated on a regular basis to ensure you are keeping current with the IELTS styles and themes.

Your own support tutor

To study online does not mean studying alone. You will be assigned a support tutor for the duration of your studies. You may get in touch with your tutor by making use of the course message service. The same tutor will follow you all through your studies so that you do not have to explain the similar problem to various people. Our support tutors have a minimum of 16 years IELTS training experience answering your queries and giving support where required.